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CMP Staff Win Vice Chancellor's Awards

Monday December 19 2011

CMP postdoctoral fellow Xiangping Li and the VSASF research team have been awarded the 2011 Vice Chancellor's Research (Early Career) and Industry Engagement Awards, respectively.

Dr Xiangping Li was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Research Award (Early Career) for:

  • pioneering innovative storage technology - multi-dimensional optical data storage using a polarisation microscope. This new physical mechanism of the polarisation sensitivity in polymeric photo refractivity led to the world's first four-dimensional optical data storage device

  • high quality research publications

  • winning the ARC Discovery and a Fellowship Award for his highly original work.

The VSASF research team, consisting of Professor Min Gu, Dr Baohua Jia, Dr Xi Chen, Dr Narges Fahim, Dr Zi Ouyang, Dr Jhantu Kumar Saha, Dr Nicholas Stokes, Dr Daniel Day, Ms Jia Lou, Ms Pierrette Michaux, and Mr Riaan Lourens was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Industry Engagement Award for:
  • providing cutting-edge technological services to industry and gaining industry endorsement of Swinburne's research excellence

  • developing industry-engaged learning and a training partnership with Suntech for both undergraduate and research students

  • promoting Swinburne's profile in industry engagement and boosting the University's reputation nationally and internationally

The 2011 awards are the first under Swinburne's new Vice Chancellor Linda Kristjanson. The full list of awards can be found here.