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CMP staff win ARC and NHMRC grants

Friday December 9 2011

Several Centre for Micro-Photonics staff members have been awarded funding in the latest round of ARC and NHMRC grants. The ARC grants, consisting of a Future Fellowship, Linkage Grant and Discovery early career research award alongside a NHMRC Project Grant are a testament to the high-quality research being undertaken within the CMP.

Details of the ARC and NHMRC awards are as follows:

Dr James Chon ARC Future fellowship 2011-2015
Project Title: Image correlation spectroscopy on gold nanorod based plasmonic random media for nanophotonic applications.
The push for high capacity storage and high speed plasmonic switching beyond terahertz (THz) is continuing, but the question remains whether this limit can be overcome. This project tackles these issues using plasmonic random media, which will help realise the elusive terabyte storage capacity and THz switching speed.

Dr Baohua Jia Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2012-2014
Project Title: Refractive index manipulation in photonic bandgap materials for highly efficient far-field three-dimensional nonlinear nonofocusing.
The project will extend our fundamental knowledge and advance the science of functional negative-index materials. The outcome will address the great challenge of nanofocusing in an integrated optical system, leading to more powerful and energy sustainable systems beneficial for the green photonics and other industries.

Dr Sarah Russell NHMRC Project Grant 2012-2014
Project Title: Asymmetric Cell Division in T Cell Development: Consequences for Immunity and Cancer

Prof. Saulius Juodkazis Linkage Grant 2012-2014
Project Title: Three dimensional nano-lithography: combined electron and ion beam fabrication.
By adding one more dimension to a planar (hence two dimensional - 2D) lithography, it will become possible to structure and texture materials in three dimensions (3D) by combining electron beam lithography (2D) and ion beam milling (3D) with the highest precision of several nanometres. This will open new applications in photonics and sensing.

Prof. Saulius Juodkazis Discovery Project (Via the Australian National University)
Project Title: Ultra-fast alchemy: a new strategy to synthesise super-dense nanomaterials.
We have recently created a new super-dense aluminium phase by ultrafast laser microexplosion. This project will search further for new super-dense material phases with drastically different and exotic properties, such as those inside planets and stars, and which have great potential as new nanomaterials for industrial applications.

Congratulations to all grant recipients and their collaborators for their success!