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λ/12 Chacogonide Nanowires Fabricated at CMP

Thursday September 29 2011

Researchers at the Centre for Micro-Photonics in collaboration with the Australian National University as part of the CUDOS ARC CoE have demonstrated the generation of λ/12 Chacogenide Nanowires. The wires, with a size of 68 nm allow for efficient and compact all-optical interactions that have the potential to enhance data communication speed and efficiency.

The nanowires were fabricated at the Centre for Micro-Photonics by PhD student Elisa Nicoletti under the supervision of Min Gu, with the chalcogenide material (As2S3) being supplied by CUDOS collaborators Douglas Bulla and Barry Luther-Davies from the Australian National University, and have been published in the journal Nano-Letters.

More information on the research can be found in the Swinburne Media Release.