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CMP Alumni - PhD Students

Below are lists and details of former CMP members. Where available, thesis titles and links are provided for students, as well as their known assosiations of all former members at their time of departure.

Name Year Title Association
Dr. Jing Wu 2010 Development of integrated optofluidic sensors
Dr. Brendan Chick 2010 Characterisation of polarised supercontinuum generation and its focal field
Dr. Xiangping Li 2009 Nanoparticle-based multi-dimensional optical data storage CMP
Dr. Jiafang Li 2009 Functionalisation of three-dimensional photonic crystals for emission control
Dr. Peter Zjilstra 2009 Photothermal properties of gold nanorods and their application to five-dimensional optical recording MoNOS, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Dr. Michael James Ventura 2008 Fabrication and characterisation of three-dimensional photonic crystals
Dr. Smitha Varghese 2008 Characterisation of near field optical trapping and biological applications CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Ling Fu 2007 Fibre-optic Nonlinear Optical Microscopy and Endoscopy
Dr. Baohua Jia 2006 A study on the complex evanescent focal region of a high numerical aperture objective and its applications CMP
Dr. Dru Morrish 2005 Morphology Dependent Resonance Of A Microsphere And Its Application In Near-Field Optical Microscopy RMIT
Dr. Djenan Ganic 2005 Far-field and near-field optical trapping
Dr. Damian Bird 2003 Fibre-Optic Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy Melbourne University, Australia
Dr. Daniel Day 2002 Three-dimensional bit optical data storage in a photorefractive polymer