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High Harmonic Generation for Coherent Diffractive Imaging

Dr Sven Teichmann

Centre for Atom Optics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy,Swinburne University of Technology

3:30 pm Friday, 9 April 2010,
EN413 (EN Building), Hawthorn.

High-harmonic generation produced by the interaction of intense femtosecond laser pulses with a gaseous medium allows the generation of coherent and laser-like radiation in the extreme-ultraviolet and soft x-ray region. A novel approach of employing harmonic emission that consists of multiple harmonic orders will be described. This emission is utilized for coherent diffractive imaging by illuminating a sample of unknown structure. The diffractive image of the sample is then processed by means of computational algorithms and the structure of the sample can be recovered. This work may prove valuable for time-resolved spectroscopy, sources of coherent soft x-ray and extreme-ultraviolet radiation, and imaging based on harmonic emission.

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