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Laser Nano-/Micro-Structuring of Materials

Prof. Saulius Juodkazis

Centre for Micro-Photonics, Swinburne University of Technology

3:30 pm Friday, 26 February 2010, EN413 (Ground Floor, EN Building), Hawthorn.

Laser structuring of photo-polymers, glasses, and crystals by femtosecond laser pulses achieves sub-micrometer resolution on the surface and in the bulk. By using a direct laser writing method, a high-fidelity structuring of materials over an important 0.1 - 10 micrometer range of feature sizes is demonstrated. The modified and structured surfaces and materials are prospective for a wide range of applications in optical memory, photonic crystals, micro-photonics, and micro-fluidics.

The unique and well-controlled conditions characterized by high pressure and temperature together with presence of strong ionization created within the focal volume of sub-micrometer dimensions alters chemical properties and pathways of structural and chemical relaxation of the excited materials. Results of structural characterization of micro-volumes modified by tightly focused femtosecond laser pulses inside crystals, glasses, and polymers will be presented.

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