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2019 Programme


A Tale of Two Labs - Progress on the Dysprosium Quantum Gas Microscope and Excitations in Lithium Fermi Gases

Prof Chris Vale

Centre for Quantum and Optical Science

11.30am Friday 3 May 2019
EN102, Engineering Building


In the first half of this presentation, I will describe our progress on the construction of a quantum gas microscope for dysprosium atoms. This will include an introduction to quantum gas microscopy using dysprosium, motivation for the apparatus and some of our scientific goals. In the second half, I will present some recent studies of the temperature dependent excitation spectra of a unitary Fermi gas of lithium-6 atoms, using Bragg spectroscopy at both low and high momentum. At high momentum, we have obtained definitive measurements of the universal contact parameter in a near-homogeneous gas as a function of the temperature. At low momentum, we have mapped the excitations across the superfluid transition and found some notable similarities with the excitation spectra of liquid helium.

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2019 Programme