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2017 Publications

Quantum Gases, Theory, Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Applied Optics

Quantum Gases

Journal Articles

Amplified spontaneous emission at 5.23 μm in two-photon excited Rb vapour
Alexander Akulshin, Nafia Rahaman, Sergey Suslov and Russell McLean
Journal of the Optical Society of America B 34 2478-2484 (2017)

Trapping Ultracold Atoms in a Sub-Micron Period Triangular Magnetic Lattice
Y. Wang, T. Tran, P. Surendran, I. Herrera, A. Balcytis, D. Nissen, M. Albrecht, A. Sidorov and P. Hannaford
Physical Review A 96, 013630 (2017)

Goldstone mode and pair-breaking excitations in atomic Fermi superfluids
Sascha Hoinka, Paul Dyke, Marcus G. Lingham, Jami J. Kinnunen, Georg M. Bruun and Chris J. Vale
Nature Physics 13, 943-946 (2017)

Ultracold atom interferometry with pulses of variable duration
Valentin Ivannikov
Physical Review A 95, 033621 (2017)

Parametric wave mixing enhanced by velocity insensitive two-photon excitation in Rb vapour
Alexander Akulshin, Dmitry Budker and Russell McLean
Journal of the Optical Society of America B 34, 1016-1022 (2017) arXiv 1701.06015

Simulating quantum spin models using Rydberg-excited atomic ensembles in magnetic microtrap arrays
Shannon Whitlock, Alexander Glaetzle, Peter Hannaford
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 50, 074001 (2017)


Journal Articles

Grassmann Phase Space Theory for Fermions
B J Dalton, J Jeffers and S M Barnett
Fortschritte der Physik 65, 1600038 (2017)

Higher order stochastic differential equations and the positive Wigner function
P.D. Drummond
Physical Review A 96, 062104 (2017)

One-dimensional Bose gas dynamics: breather relaxation
B. Opanchuk and P.D. Drummond
Physical Review A 96, 053628 (2017)

Truncated Wigner dynamics and conservation laws
P.D. Drummond and B. Opanchuk
Physical Review A 96, 043616 (2017)

Dimensional crossover in a strongly interacting ultracold atomic Fermi gas
Umberto Toniolo, Brendan C. Mulkerin, Chris J. Vale, Xia-Ji Liu, and Hui Hu
Physical Review A 96, 041604(R) (2017)

Quantum and thermal fluctuations in a Raman spin-orbit-coupled Bose gas
Xiao-Long Chen, Xia-Ji Liu, and Hui Hu
Phys. Rev. A 96, 013625 (2017)

Coherent functional expansions in quantum field theory
P.D. Drummond
J. Phys. A 50, 45LT01 (2017)

Forward, backward, and weighted stochastic bridges
P.D. Drummond
Physical Review E 96, 042123 (2017)

Monogamy inequalities for certifiers of continuous-variable Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entanglement without the assumption of Gaussianity
L. Rosales-Zárate, R. Y. Teh, B. Opanchuk, and M. D. Reid
Phys. Rev. A 96, 022313 (2017)

Interpreting the macroscopic pointer by analysing the elements of reality of a Schrödinger cat
M.D. Reid
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 50 41LT01 (2017)

Pulsed Entanglement of Two Optomechanical Oscillators and Furry's Hypothesis
S. Kiesewetter, R.Y. Teh, P.D. Drummond, and M.D. Reid
Physical Review Letters 119, 023601 (2017)

Simulation of an optomechanical quantum memory in the nonlinear regime
R.Y. Teh, S. Kiesewetter, M.D. Reid, and P.D. Drummond
Phys. Rev. A 96, 013854 (2017)  

Exotic topological states with Raman-induced spin-orbit coupling
Yuangang Deng, Tao Shi, Hui Hu, Li You and Su Yi
Physical Review A 95, 023611 (2017)  

The symmetry group paradox for non-rigid molecules
B.J. Dalton
Molecular Physics , 1-9 (2017)  

Grassmann phase space methods for fermions. II. Field theory
B.J. Dalton, J. Jeffers, S.M. Barnett
Annals of Physics 377, 268-310 (2017)  

Larkin-Ovchinnikov superfluidity in a two-dimensional imbalanced atomic Fermi gas
Umberto Toniolo, Brendan Mulkerin, Xia-Ji Liu and Hui Hu
Physical Review A 95, 013603 (2017)

Algorithms for integration of stochastic differential equations using parallel optimized sampling in the Stratonovich calculus
Simon Kiesewetter and Peter D. Drummond
Computer Physics Communications 212, 25-38 (2017)

A New Class of Time-Energy Uncertainty Relations for Time-dependent Hamiltonians
T.D. Kieu
Physical Review A, submitted, arXiv 1702:00603

The universe on a table top: engineering quantum decay of a relativistic scalar field from a metastable vacuum
Oleksandr Fialko, Bogdan Opanchuk, Andrei Sidorov, Peter Drummond, Joachim Brand
J Phys B 50 024003 (2017)

Quantum Entanglement for Systems of Identical Bosons I. General Features
Bryan Dalton, John Goold, Barry Garraway and Margaret Reid
Physica Scripta 92, 023004 (2017)

Quantum Entanglement for Systems of Identical Bosons II. Spin Squeezing and other Entanglement Tests
Bryan Dalton, John Goold, Barry Garraway and Margaret Reid
Physica Scripta 92, 023005 (2017)

Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Journal Articles

Tipping solutions: emerging 3D nano-fabrication/-imaging technologies
Gediminas Seniutinas, Armandas Balcytis, Ignas Reklaitis, Feng Chen, Jeffrey Davis, Christian David, Saulius Juodkazis
Nanophotonics June, 1-19 (2017)

Coherent multi-dimensional spectroscopy: Experimental considerations, direct comparisons and new capabilities
Jonathan O. Tollerud, Jeffrey A. Davis
Progress in Quantum Electronics 55, 1-34 (2017)

Time-Domain THz Spectroscopy Reveals Coupled Protein-Hydration Dielectric Response in Solutions of Native and Fibrils of Human Lysozyme
F Novelli, S. Ostovar Pour, J.O. Tollerud, A. Roozbeh, D. Appadoo, E.W. Blanch and J.A. Davis
J.Phys.Chem.B April, (2017)

Silk: Optical Properties over 12.6 Octaves THz-IR-Visible-UV Range
A. Balcytis, M Ryu, X. Wang, F. Novelli, G. Seniutinas, S. Du, X. Wang, J. Li, J.A. Davis, D. Appadoo, J. Morikawa, and S. Juodkazis
Materials 10 (4), 356 (2017)

Nanoscale imaging with table-top coherent extreme ultraviolet source based on high harmonic generation
Khuong Ba Dinh, Hoang Vu Le, Peter Hannaford, Lap Van Dao
Optics Communications 396, 100-104 (2017)

Separating pathways in double-quantum optical spectroscopy reveals excitonic interactions
Jonathan Tollerud and Jeffrey Davis
Laser and Photonics Reviews 11, 1600249 (2017)

International Conference Proceedings

Generation and application of bright coherent extreme ultraviolet radiation
Lap Van Dao, Khuong Ba Dinh, Khoa Anh Tran and Peter Hannaford
Proc. SPIE 10193, Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics II May, 101930S (2017)

Applied Optics

Journal Articles

Wavelength and refractive index dependence of the geometrical enhancement in surface-enhanced Raman scattering
M.N.M.N. Perera, W.E.K. Gibbs, S. Juodkazis and P.R. Stoddart
J. Raman Spectroscopy 48, 1182-1189 (2017)

Nano-rescaling of gold films on polystyrene: thermal management for SERS
Armandas Balcytis, Meguya Ryu, Gediminas Seniutinas, Paul R. Stoddart, Md Abdullah Al Mamun, Junko Morikawa and Saulius Juodkazis
Nanoscale 9, 690-695 (2017)