Engineering Practice Academy

Swinburne’s Engineering Practice Academy is a simulated workplace where our engineering students, or ‘Future Engineers’ work alongside industry partners to solve real-world problems. You can invest in ensuring that these future engineers are ready for the challenges of the 21st century by partnering with us.

Students in the Academy undertake the Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours) degree, which has been co-designed with industry to ensure our new engineers are equipped with the skills and mindset that you are looking for.

By partnering with us you can help to shape the graduates of the future, access a pool of skilled professionals and inform industry practice.

Join us to be part of the engineering revolution.

Dr Llew Mann, Associate Dean, Learning Innovation - Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

We believe in a diverse and inclusive workplace. That's why we're looking for projects and experiences from all across the profession. Join us and together we can make a positive impact on the future of engineering.


Director of STEM Transformations, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

How you can get involved

There are a number of ways you can be part of the Academy.

By investing time

By investing time and sharing your expertise, you can help our future engineers develop the skills they need to meet tomorrow's challenges head-on.

You could:

  • provide advice to our staff to assist with the development of curriculum and experiences
  • mentor our future engineers
  • provide site and facility tours
  • give an industry perspective on admissions interview panels
  • attend our events and functions.

Share your time with us and become a supporter.

By providing projects

Do you have a project or R&D challenge that you need engineering expertise on? We can help. Our staff and future engineers will work collaboratively with you to deliver a solution that meets your needs.

Projects are the primary teaching and learning delivery mechanism for our future engineers and they range in scale and duration to suit your needs.

Provide us with your project to become a client.

Through financial support

By supporting the Academy financially, you become a partner, which gives you first-class access to our future engineers. You'll also be able to influence the design of our facilities to create work-ready learning spaces and be in on the ground floor of this revolutionary new program. You will be a driving force of an Australian engineering first.

Your financial support is made as a tax deductible donation and can be directed to scholarships, prizes, equipment or research funding.

Want to work with us in another way? We’d love to hear your ideas.

Contact us

Learn more about partnering with the Engineering Practice Academy. We're currently seeking individuals and organisations to come on board now for Semester 1, 2018. Email us or fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.

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Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours)

The Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours), available from 2018, offers a revolutionary approach to learning and skill development.

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