In Summary

  • Swinburne and The Conversation have launched a new podcast named Change Agents
  • Change Agents talks about change and those that make it happen
  • The latest episode focuses on the formation of the national women’s football league

Swinburne University of Technology has launched a podcast series named Change Agents in partnership with The Conversation.

The 10-part series is about the art of change and the people who bring it about.

Change Agents is designed and produced by Swinburne’s Associate Professor Andrew Dodd, Department of Media and Communication, and Dr Samuel Wilson, Swinburne Leadership Institute.

“The real catalysts for change are the unsung heroes behind the scenes and we want to celebrate and understand their achievements,” Associate Professor Dodd says.

The latest episode features Debbie Lee, the community manager at the Melbourne Football Club, and businesswoman Susan Alberti, vice president of the Western Bulldogs, speaking on how they made the national women’s football league a reality.

“Both women have overcome the odds and focused on making something really worthwhile happen.”

Celebrating success

The Change Agents series will feature several innovators who have changed laws, shifted old mindsets and solved intractable problems. In each case the people behind the change are challenged to reveal how they did it and how they kept going when their ideas seemed impossible.

“I hope the series demonstrates that change doesn’t just happen by itself,” Professor Dodd says.

“It takes vision, courage and some craziness, as well as quite a bit of luck. The capacity to compromise and create consensus is also important.” 

Change Agents celebrates the imaginative and sometimes disruptive leadership required to solve problems and to create change for the greater good.

The Change Agents podcast is available at The ConversationiTunes and Soundcloud now.