In Summary

Swinburne University of Technology's optical data storage breakthrough project has been named a finalist in the KCA 2015 Research Commercialisation Awards, under the category of ‘The Best Commercial Deal.'

Using nanotechnology, Swinburne Laureate Fellowship project researchers Professor Min Gu, Dr Xiangping Li and Dr Yaoyu Cao achieved a breakthrough in data storage technology and increased the capacity of a DVD from 4.7GB to 1,000TB.

This discovery established the cornerstone of a patent pending technique providing solutions to the big data era.

In 2014, start-up company, Optical Archive Inc. licensed this technology. In May 2015, Sony Corporation of America purchased the startup, with knowledge of them not having any public customers or a final product in the market.  This achievement was due to the people, the current state of development and the intellectual property within the company.

The Wrays supported KCA Research Commercialisation Awards recognise research organisations’ success in creatively transferring knowledge and research outcomes into the broader community, and raise the profile of research organisations contribution to the development of new products and services which benefit wider society.

All finalists will now put together an entry for the People’s Choice Awards, which will open Monday 24 August.

The winners will be announced at the Research Commercialisation Awards on Thursday 10 September.