In Summary

Advanced Diploma of Building Design students at Swinburne University of Technology are set to gain more real-world experience through a new partnership with innovative building product manufacturer Casafico.

The partnership will give Swinburne students access to Casafico’s high-quality, innovative building products and tools, such as their Polystat panels. The panel is a unique all-in-one product, as it comprises both the frame and insulation, with cavities for services and a finished coat, ready to be installed on site.

Samantha Mucci, Communications and Client Relations at Casafico, believes Swinburne is a great fit for their business’ values.

“Swinburne was a good choice for Casafico as they are focused on innovative research and promote industry engaged teaching. Their teachers remain closely tied to the industry and provide their students with invaluable workplace experience,” Ms Mucci said.

“Our founder, Tony Mucci, is committed to imparting his 40 years of knowledge onto future generations. It’s always been a focus of his to teach the next generation, while also learning from them as to how best we can make building more efficient.”

Alongside their products, Casafico will also provide full professional support to students in the form of 3D modelling assets and industry mentoring.

Swinburne Department of Trades and Engineering Technology staff member, Mark Howard, said the collaboration was the beginning of an exciting process.

“I get shown a lot of products in my role, but the Polystat panel produced by Casafico definitely got my attention,” Mr Howard said.

“The team at Casafico pride themselves on innovation and sustainability, which makes them a great fit for our curriculum in the Advanced Diploma of Building Design. This relationship will give our students fantastic real world experience and they’ll be using great quality products.”

Students from the Advanced Diploma of Building Design will be given opportunities throughout the year to tour the Casafico production factory and active building job sites.