In Summary

Swinburne University of Technology’s Clive Linley today received a Vice-Chancellor’s Honour Award for his inspiring work in assisting with the clean-up from Cyclone Lam in the Northern Territory.

Mr Linley, Coordinator of Community Projects at Swinburne, spent several days in the aftermath of the cyclone helping to clear roads and fallen power lines.

One incident even saw Mr Linley save a young boy by removing a live power line from the boy’s leg, leaving him to escape with only burns to his foot.

Mr Linley received the award at a surprise ceremony today at Swinburne’s Croydon campus.

“It was a great surprise this morning, and I was humbled by everyone’s kind words and support.

“When I was up in Millingimbi helping with the clean-up, I was actually supposed to be in Darwin for a meeting, but I stayed in town to help out when things started looking a bit hairy.”

Mr Linley had initially arrived in the Northern Territory to work on his ongoing project that teaches young Indigenous people building and carpentry skills, as part of an ongoing collaboration between Swinburne, Ramvek and the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation’s (ALPA) Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP).

Of the 28 people initially involved in the program, 20 have found full-time employment.

This is not the first time Mr Linley has received a Vice-Chancellor’s Award; his first was in 2008 for his dedication and commitment to teaching.

For Swinburne Vice-Chancellor Professor Linda Kristjanson who presented the award, Mr Linley’s continued dedication to the community was something that should be aspired to.

“Clive has not only shown dedication in his role as a Community Coordinator, but he has demonstrated extraordinary courage and worked tirelessly for the benefit of others”

Before helping with the cyclone clean-up, Mr Linley had worked with the ALPA RJCP program to help locals build a concrete camp that allowed disabled and elderly members of the community easier access to shops and boosted community spirits as a result.

ALPA RJCP took to their Facebook page during the disaster clean-up to describe Mr Linley as “an absolute hero.”

Asked when he would be returning to the Northern Territory, Mr Linley responded “I’m not going back – I’m going home.”