In Summary

Swinburne University of Technology’s Associate Dean Learning Innovation Julia Lamborn from the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology has been appointed as the Engineers Australia representative to the International Engineering Alliance (IEA).

As a representative, Associate Professor Lamborn will collaborate with other members of the organisation to lead the national and international accreditation of qualifications and practice standards for professional engineers, engineering technologists and engineering technicians. 

Associate Professor Lamborn has been a stalwart in the engineering community. She has been active within Engineers Australia and on State Government statutory authorities and panels for over 32 years.

Associate Professor Lamborn says her role at Swinburne as Associate Dean Learning Innovation will help her lead and further develop education quality and accreditation.

“This appointment is an honour, which I have built towards as an active member in various committee positions at state and national level within Engineers Australia since the early eighties.

“This is also an opportunity to contribute to the global engineering profession by establishing and maintaining high internationally-agreed standards for engineering qualifications and practice that facilitate the mobility of graduates and practicing engineers,” Associate Professor Lamborn said.

The IEA is the coordinating organisation for three self-regulating educational accords and three professional competence recognition agreements. 

The accords and agreements formalise mutual recognition of accredited qualifications and practice standards. Engineers Australia plays a pivotal role with IEA as a signatory to Washington, Sydney and Dublin Accords and with agreements covering competence standards for practising engineers.

Engineers Australia National President Professor Alex Baitch said Associate Professor Lamborn’s experience has made her a natural choice as a representative.

“Dr Lamborn is an esteemed and respected Fellow of Engineers Australia. She is Chair of the College Advisory Board and past Chair of the Board of Environmental Engineering.

“Her experience within Engineers Australia, coupled with her Australian and international experience with accreditation processes – including at Swinburne campuses in Asia – make Dr Lamborn eminently qualified for this role.”

Associate Professor Lamborn will begin her appointment on 1 January 2015 for a period of two years.