In Summary

Swinburne University of Technology students will be among the first ever beneficiaries of the single largest private education scholarship fund in Australia’s history, launched by the Westpac Group this month.

The Westpac Bicentennial Foundation, launched on 2 April as part of the celebrations to mark Westpac’s imminent 200th anniversary in 2017, will award 100 scholarships every year, beginning in 2015.

Swinburne has been invited to participate in the Young Technologists scholarship program. From 2015 onwards, two of Swinburne’s undergraduate technology students will be eligible to receive scholarships from Westpac worth up to $15,000 each to support them in their studies.  

These scholarships, while based principally on merit, are also intended to encourage diversity and to assist talented students in overcoming economic disadvantage, which may be a barrier in pursuing higher education.

The scholarship programs is a fantastic opportunity for Swinburne students, and reflects both Westpac’s strong commitment to education as the foundation for Australia’s future, and it’s long history of supporting communities.

Further information on the two scholarships will be publicised as it becomes available.