When I was first applying for Swinburne University, the Professional Degree stood out to me due to the work experience aspect with the added benefit of making industry connections. I was particularly interested in being able to consolidate what I learnt on campus into a practical setting.

I took on my Professional Placement at Hotglue as a Social Media Executive, working within the beauty portfolio. A typical day included anything from social media management, including copywriting and editing, reporting, community management and graphic design work; then other weeks consisted of content creation for brands in the upstairs studio, or brainstorming ideas to grow accounts.

I also took charge of the company’s own social media, giving it a new look and bringing it back to life! That involved a lot of the same work as any regular day, as well as helping to make a media blog on the website, and liaising with the team regarding content and projects to post about.

I got to be a part of some exciting work as part of my time with Hotglue – one of the highlights was being involved in the photo and video shoots. I’ve been able to help out on smaller shoot days in the office or on-set shoots outside of the office. I love being creative and the idea of photoshoots, so coming to Hotglue and being able to observe, plan and assist in these projects has been so fun!

In terms of achievements, I was able to do some independent content shooting (including manually on a camera) which led to an image that I created for one of our beauty brands being reposted by the global account (which is the ultimate compliment, I’ve come to learn!).

While I started off my placement in the office, due to COVID-19, we had to pack up our desks and begin working from home. Initially, I found this quite tough as there were a lot of “unknowns”. However, I kept busy and found it to be the most enjoyable part of my placement. The team adapted so well and while I’ve missed the office environment and banter, we’re still keeping in touch and getting the job done.

  • A Professional Placement has given me the opportunity to come out of my shell and take the right steps towards my career ambitions. I’ve noticed a major boost in confidence, which has been great as I’m naturally introverted. I’ve also been able to refine my writing and editing styles along the way and have reinforced within myself that I would like to be a magazine editor.

    Sophie , Bachelor of Arts (Professional) majoring in Professional Writing and Editing

Hotglue’s culture is so much fun! I appreciate that a role was made for me to be a part of the team and not a cliched “intern” type position. Though I’ve wrapped up my placement, I’m fortunate enough to still be working at Hotglue, who’ve given me the flexibility to work and complete the rest of my studies. Holistically, I know that all of the skills I’ve developed are guaranteed to help me in the future. The objectives of the Professional Placements program are the ability to undertake work experience and connect with different networks within a given industry. It’s been invaluable for me.

I’ve seen how hard it can be for students to find work after graduation so undertaking a Professional Placement is simply getting your foot in the door one or two years early. The connections (and friends) that you make along the way will help you get there faster.

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