The professional world is a competitive environment, in which all new graduates are on an even playing field. I believe that being able to graduate with a year of authentic, meaningful experience to my name provides me with a significant competitive edge, making the transition from graduation to professional work significantly less challenging.

As a marketing assistant within Bendigo Bank’s university partnerships team, my role consists of developing and implementing marketing and communication initiatives. This helps grow business for the Community Banks established as part of the bank’s partnership with external organisations. So far, this has involved creating and presenting plans for upcoming marketing activity, developing the creative for marketing collateral (posters, postcards, banners etc.), designing and promoting seminars for the local community, and pitching business development ideas to the advisory boards of the Community Banks under my team’s portfolio.

Natalie completed her placement at community bank, Bendigo Bank.

I chose to take on a professional placement in hopes it would indicate that the marketing communications field is as enjoyable in practice as it has been to study. In addition, I believe the opportunity to place the theory that I have learnt into practice makes me a stronger and more capable student and future employee.

Some of my notable achievements in this role include working with external partners to create an extensive communication plan for an upcoming Community Bank launch. This marked the progression from me working on lower-level, technical tasks, to being given the responsibility to prepare a strategic document that would have real-world implications.

I have also been involved in the coordination of presentations and seminars to potential customers, each of which have come together smoothly and generated promising business opportunities. Being able to assist in the preparation of these successful initiatives has provided me with the confidence needed to continue to push myself and develop my professional abilities.

Undertaking my professional placement has driven home that I enjoy and thrive in the marketing field, which has provided encouragement that I am studying the right degree. The work I’m doing has highlighted the elements of marketing that I am best suited in, highlighting the areas that I should look into specialising in. I have already begun exploring how to further my knowledge in the market research field and am looking into subjects offered by Swinburne that will help me make this a reality.

Now that I have had a taste of life as a marketing professional, I don’t think I will be able to return to my previous part-time work in the retail space. I would love to keep on working in my current marketing role as I study to ensure that my experience continues to develop. Working in the field as I study will allow me to put theory into practice deepening my understanding while allowing me to complete my work to a higher-standard.

  • "I believe that this placement will help me gain full-time employment after I graduate as I will have a competitive difference over other graduates. Bachelor degrees aren’t in short supply, but a new graduate with experience in the field is."

    Natalie , Bachelor of Media and Communications (Advertising major) / Bachelor of Business (Marketing major)

I’d love to be able to use my marketing and communication knowledge and experience to make a positive difference to my local and global community. My dream is to continue to work for a company committed to giving back to others, knowing that the work that I am doing is going back to a good cause. 

In addition to being of huge benefit to your resume, professional placements are also lots of fun! I’ve had the most amazing experience at Bendigo Bank so far, this time is forming the highlight of my studies.

Swinburne have coordinated a selection of placement positions that offer meaningful and exciting opportunities. I strongly encourage other students to not let this chance go to waste. I first heard about Swinburne’s professional placement program when in year twelve and exploring potential universities to attend. The professional placements element is what sold me on my Swinburne degree.

Part of the reason why my time on this professional placement has been so incredible is Bendigo Bank’s commitment to make my time with them both meaningful and memorable. I have been placed in a team who give me new opportunities and support every day, and I am incredibly thankful that this experience has presented itself.

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