Through Swinburne's internship opportunities, I came across an intern position at marketing agency RankONE, which manages social media accounts for hospitality businesses. The agency is known for its ability to significantly increase engagement and traffic for a business, not just through social media presence, but also through an increase in customer visits.

As a Social Media Coordinator, I was able to schedule content for over five clients throughout the internship. I optimised hashtag use and wrote copy for each client to engage with their audiences. I also worked on major projects including restaurant launch campaigns and influencer campaigns. 

One of my biggest achievements throughout my internship was writing a press release for one of RankONE’s biggest clients, which was targeted at media agencies and the client's customers. It was important that I upheld the client's tone and made the document look appealing.

Writing about the client’s new delivery services through Deliveroo and UberEATS was a big deal, as the client's customers had been waiting for those services during Melbourne’s lockdown in 2020. COVID-19 had drastically affected the hospitality industry within Victoria, hence why it was important to continue promoting delivery services on the client's social media.

Lucy completed her internship as a Social Media Coordinator at RankONE.

Completing this internship opened my eyes to the industry and the back end of social media marketing. I grew a passion for content creation, which led to my own food blogging journey. I have been able to improve my photography skills and make myself known within Melbourne's hospitality industry.

With this experience at hand, I was then able to secure a job at a social media agency before even finishing my degree. I have learnt so much from my internship – I am so glad that I was able to embed it within my degree, solidify my career aspirations and truly apply myself within the industry. 

I have also learnt that the world is full of possibilities. There are so many avenues and pathways in which a single degree can take you. It’s all about gaining experience and trying out new things, so you can learn more about yourself and the kind of career you would like to build. 

I am capable of doing so many things now. When I face a challenge, I am able to use my strengths, skills and abilities to get through it. Prior to my internship, I questioned whether I would be able to land such a position within the industry, but I now know that I am capable of getting anywhere I want to go. 

  • "It has definitely transformed me from a fresh university student to a soon-to-be university graduate, ready for the workforce."

    Lucy , Bachelor of Media and Communication

Having an online presence is so important, especially when studying media and communication – LinkedIn should be your best friend! Updating your skills, getting endorsed or even interacting with others will show that you’re out there and in the loop with social media trends. LinkedIn is like a resume, so keep it updated with your work experience for future employers to learn about you. 

Through the internship, I have been able to consolidate my learnings from university and apply them to real life situations within the workplace. It has definitely transformed me from a fresh university student to a soon-to-be university graduate, ready for the workforce. It is a very efficient way to gain experience. 

Real industry experience can set you apart from other graduates when applying for jobs. It is also a great way to learn about the industry in a hands-on way whilst creating new connections with people within your industry. 

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