Halfway through 2021, I began to think about applying for graduate roles and realised I didn’t have any relevant experience to support my applications. I scoped my Work Integrated Learning (WIL) options and decided to undertake an internship.

I applied for a role as a Campus Analytics Intern with Swinburne in the Property and Space Department. This was perfect – it gave me the flexibility to study and intern, and helped me get the additional credit points I needed towards my degree. 

I got to work on several different projects that showcased my talents while teaching me new skills. I updated spatial images within Swinburne’s space management database, digitised and automated a space request form and conducted research into the uses of augmented reality in facilities management.

These tasks helped to improve the efficiency of the Property and Space Department and were largely self-directed, which allowed me to develop my problem-solving skills. 

Georgia completed her internship as a Campus Analytics Intern at Swinburne's Property and Space Department.

I was lucky enough to able to work closely with another intern. There was a lot of teamwork involved and we were able to liaise when we face challenges or had questions. It was helpful to have another student to collaborate with and we were able to form a friendship outside of the workplace. 

The exposure I received to multiple software services like Microsoft Forms and Power Automate helped me digitise and automate request forms. This is one of my greatest achievements.

Both programs were new to me and learning how to use them was really rewarding. I was able to come up with a solution to automate email responses that hadn’t been used in the department before, which may be replicated on other digital forms. 

Taking on an internship allowed me to improve my employability through hands-on experience and gave me an edge over my peers. I enjoyed working in data analytics so much that I applied for graduate roles in the area and was able to secure one for the 2022, despite my unrelated degree. 

  • "It can even be useful to take on an internship that does not relate to your area of study, as you can learn new skills and discover new passions."

    Georgia , Bachelor of Aviation/Bachelor of Business

My internship taught me a lot about my skills and my future career. I improved my communication skills and discovered that I am capable of solving problems without a lot of direction, which was very new to me.

I found I enjoyed working in data analytics and can see myself doing so post-university. Discovering that I could have a fulfilling career outside of the scope of my education was invaluable.

I would recommend that all students undertake an internship before they graduate as it is great experience and can be instrumental in securing employment. In my experience, it can even be useful to take on an internship that does not relate to your area of study, as you can learn new skills and discover new passions.

An internship opportunity can also help you to develop strong friendships and networks and ensures that you have the workplace skills necessary to thrive in your future career.

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