Institution name
Universidad EAFIT

Medelin, Antioquia, Colombia

Semester dates
Semester 1 (Spring term): January – June
Semester 2 (Fall term): July – November

Discipline area

  • Business, Management, Marketing, Accounting
  • Economics and Finance
  • Engineering (Systems and Mechanical)
  • Biology

Important notes to consider
It is recommended that students who are applying to EAFIT have an understanding of Spanish language.

EAFIT University have a Buddy Program team, where accompaniment and integration activities are carried out for students in national and international exchange.

Courses available for exchange students
Most courses are taught in Spanish. There are a limited number of courses taught in English.

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Credit equivalence
50 CP = 18 credits 
37.5 CP = 13.5 credits 
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The university does not have student residences. Each student is responsible for finding and hiring a space to live, however the office can help students find accommodation. Visit the accommodation page for information.

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Check out the Universidad EAFIT website for more information.