Institution name
Erasmus School of History Culture & Communication (ESHCC)

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Semester dates
Semester 1: September – January
Semester 2: February – June
Academic calendar

Courses available for exchange students
List of courses

We require students who are registered at the History and Arts & Culture Studies program to follow at least 50% of the courses within these programs. 

For the rest they are also allowed to choose courses in:

  • Media and Communication
  • Public Administration (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Sociology (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Pedagogics (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Philosophy
  • International Business Administration

Credit equivalence
30 ECTS = 50 CP 
22.5 ECTS = 37.5 CP
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ESHCC website

Find out more
Check out the Erasmus School of History Culture & Communication website for more information.