Institution name
Aalto University

Espoo, Helsinki, Finland

Semester dates
Semester 1 (Spring Semester): January - May
Semester 2 (Autumn Semester): September - December

Academic calendar

Important notes to consider
Please note that this is a competitive destination. As such, students need to put careful consideration into their second and third preference.

Courses available for exchange students
Students can choose Design courses only.

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Credit equivalence
50 CP = 30 ECTS
37.5 CP = 22.5 ECTS
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Aalto University does not itself own any student dormitories nor has housing services to offer. Aalto University has an agreement with HOAS for providing a number of furnished rooms for incoming exchange students. However, Aalto University cannot guarantee housing for all exchange students. Visit the accommodation page for more information. 

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Check out the Aalto University website for more information.