Semester exchange: Mainz University in Germany
Swinburne course: Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) (Honours)

Maddie enjoying her time in Germany

My overseas experience definitely impacted my career path- it highlighted how many opportunities there are for me out there in the design industry.

My exchange experience allowed me to differentiate myself from other Swinburne design students as I was really able to step out of that Swinburne-design sphere and learn brand new skills and receive feedback from completely different design minds.

It changed my way of thinking and really took me out of my comfort zone. It opened my eyes to what types of design I could go into and how many options I have.

  • “I got an internship at the best creative agency in the world, due to the type of design work I had from my exchange program”

    Maddie , Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) (Honours)

After graduating from Swinburne, I found a job within five months – considering I took some of that time to go overseas to visit my exchange friends again, I was really happy with the quick turnaround!

My experiences and opportunities I had on exchange have been a big influence on who has hired me and the type of jobs I have had. I got an internship at the best creative agency in the world, due to the type of design work I had from my exchange program.

The variety and standard of design work that I did overseas has made my folio stand out and helped me find work. It really helped me showcase my versatility and flexibility.

My semester exchange gave me an incredible understanding of the international graphic design scene. This has had an impact on my professional goals but also my personal views of Design.

The experience also gave me confidence in my knowledge and skillsets surrounding design. I was able to share knowledge and learn from students from all over the world. But overall, I gained personal skills and confidence that I never would have found if I didn't go on exchange.

Originally, I had hoped to study in Finland but didn't get in, so I found out three weeks before I was set to head overseas that I was going to Germany.

This meant I had no German language skills or a lot of time to research the city and surrounds. I really threw myself straight into a foreign city and I learnt a lot about myself through this process.

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