Key information

Internship provider: FPT University

Location: Da Nang, Vietnam

Dates: 17 June - 28 July 2024

Duration: 6 weeks (1-week orientation + 5-week internship)

Academic credit: International Internship Unit 25CP or other course-related experiential units

Program cost: A$2,400 - inclusions and exclusions can be found below.


  • A$3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants available for eligible undergraduate students
  • $9,504 OS-HELP Loans available for eligible students

Application deadline: 29 March 2024


Supported by FPT University, the program kicks off with a week of orientation, during which you'll learn about Vietnam’s culture and language. Following this, you'll commence your internship at a local organisation, gaining industry experience while savouring Vietnam's incredible cuisine and enjoying its beautiful landscapes.

Study areas


  • Business (Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Project Management, Public Relations, Event Management, and Marketing and Digital Marketing)
  • Design (no Building Design, Motion Design, Visual Arts, Visual Merchandising, Urban Design, and Industrial Design)
  • Film and Television (Screen and Media)
  • Games and Animation
  • Information Technology (no Business Information Systems, Network Technology, Systems Analysis, Systems Management and Network Design)
  • Media and Communications (no Cinema and Screen Studies and Journalism)

Note: These study areas are just a guide, and availability of relevant internships depends on many individual factors. Sourcing internships for some study areas and majors may be more challenging than others. If your study area is not listed here, but you are interested in this destination, please let us know and we can confirm with the internship provider.


Internships for postgraduate students can be more difficult to source due to the niche and specific nature of courses and study areas. Postgraduate students should enquire with Swinburne Abroad's Overseas Internships Advisor before applying for a program to check availability of the relevant academic unit in their course as well as the possibility to source an internship in their desired location.


Specific eligibility requirements depend on the academic unit being utilised, but all students must meet the minimum program eligibility criteria:


  • Completed at least 100CP (8 units) or 150 CP (12 units) if you intend to use the international internship unit
  • Have an average weighted mark of at least 60% (or satisfy additional eligibility criteria if mark is between 50-60%)
  • Have available space in your course for the applicable academic unit (domestic students may be able overload their degree)


  • Completed at least 25CP (2 units) at the time of application 
  • Have an average weighted mark of at least 60% (or satisfy additional eligibility criteria if mark is between 50-60%)
  • Have a course-specific project unit on the study plan that can be used for internship experience (e.g., MDA80006 Media Industry Experience, EAT80003 Professional Practice in Engineering, or Education and Nursing professional placement units).

Fireworks festival in Da Nang, Vietnam. 

Program costs


  • Five-week internship placement and supervision
  • One-week orientation (including Vietnamese classes)
  • Enrichment workshops
  • Company visit
  • Cultural activities and tours
  • Mentorship sessions
  • Accommodation is provided by FPT Education Global


  • Tuition fees associated with the selected unit for internship 
  • Airfares
  • Visa application fees (if applicable)
  • Daily living expenses


Funding your overseas journey may be easier than you think

New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant

This program has A$3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants available for eligible students.

These grants provide financial support to help alleviate the expenses associated with your overseas program. Australian undergraduate students (with no citizenship or residency rights to Vietnam), and who have not previously received an NCP short-term grant, may apply. Scholarships are allocated on a rolling basis and students can apply for a grant as part of the application process.


Eligible Australian students can also apply for an Australian Government OS-HELP Loan of up to A$9,504 (depending on your program location) to help cover costs associated with your overseas program.

For more information on funding and eligibility see Fee Help and Scholarships.


Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, with places (and scholarships) allocated to the first students to complete a full application and meet eligibility criteria.

Final deadline for applications: 29 March 2024
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