So you like the idea of cooking, but the thought of another kitchen disaster makes your stomach turn. And every Masterchef recipe you’ve ever attempted has cost a small fortune at the supermarket, leaving you feeling like you should have just ordered Uber Eats.

Sound familiar? It might now, but it won’t once you’ve tried a few recipes from our Swinburne student recipe bible. This bible was created with you in mind. Students from the Masters of Dietetics course and the H.Squad health promotion team submitted some of their all-time favourite student recipes (tried and tested by the students themselves), and we made it into a book. Simple as that. There is no fancy equipment required, no professional Masterchef skill, and not a single pine nut in sight. Promise!

Don’t wait for tomorrow, use the link below to get the recipe book and start your cooking journey now!

Student recipe bible

Student recipe bible

Everyday simple, affordable meals. Made by students for students.


  • The recipes in the book are all student submitted recipes, and have not been professionally tested
  • Some minor changes were made to ensure they fitted the brief
  • Costings are ‘per serve’ not ‘per recipe’, and were based on online food prices at major Australian supermarkets in April 2020
  • The photos are not taken of the actual recipe, but chosen from stock photos to best reflect the recipe product
Did you know?

Wellbeing at Swinburne offers a full range of health services, including fully confidential counselling, to students with both on-site and online options available.

Call +61 3 9214 8483 to make an appointment, or register and book online. You will need your student ID (or photo ID if you are not a student), Medicare card or OSHC details, and your Centrelink Health Care Card if you have one.

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