What makes a man?

Unlearn what it means to be a man
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Breaking free of gendered stereotypes

In our society exists 'the man box', a set of beliefs that place pressure on men to be a certain way – to be tough; not to show any emotions; to be the breadwinner; to always be in control; use violence to solve problems; and to have many sexual partners.

There is still a lot of pressure for men to live up to traditional masculine stereotypes. This can contribute to gender inequality and violence against women, as well as poor health and wellbeing for men. These expectations about masculinity force some people to suppress parts of themselves.

It’s time for men to escape narrow gendered stereotypes the same way women have started to. Breaking free of traditional masculine stereotypes will improve the health and wellbeing of both men and women. 

Everyone should feel comfortable being themselves and carving out their own unique path in life.

Unlearn It Live featuring J-MILLA

J-MILLA and Swinburne students continued the unlearning conversation on Unlearn It Live where they chatted about the pressures they have experienced to adhere to the rules of masculinity.

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