If you live with disability, a medical or mental health condition, or have primary carer responsibilities you can use the AccessAbility Careers Hub to develop your career management skills and employability.

Our consultants will help you make tailored use of the resources that suit you including online materials, consultations, internship opportunities, workshops, seminars, catered lunches and Swinburne’s GradWISE program.

You will be encouraged to:

  • identify and refine your career goals
  • develop the insight you need to grow as an emerging professional
  • learn how to engage with employers to help you get the work you want.

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To use the AccessAbility careers hub, you’ll need to complete and submit a brief registration form. We’ll then contact you to help plan your use of the AccessAbility Careers Hub.

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Services, resources and programs

Once registered, you can make an appointment to see an AccessAbility Careers Hub consultant at any time. You’re also free to access the following:

Both face-to-face and webinar activities are held each semester to explore key career management issues. You can also meet employers at select events including the mid-year AccessAbility Careers Hub Panel Discussion and Expo. Search for AccessAbility Careers Hub on https://swinburne.careercentre.me/u/dhxjwcs7 for details and to reserve your place.

Learn more

Get answers to your career questions and discuss career issues with other students in a supportive environment. This newly formed community meets regularly to talk about opportunities and chat with prospective employers. Engage as little or as deeply as you like (active listening is a great employability skill!). Lunch is provided at all meetings.

Email access-careers@swinburne.edu.au to learn more.

The AccessAbility Career Hub’s partnership with GradWISE supports students with disability seeking casual, part-time and graduate employment opportunities. 

For further information or to make an appointment with a GradWISE consultant, complete the GradWISE Selfie Evaluation to explore your strengths from a new angle. Note: This takes you to a non-Swinburne site. You will be asked for your name and email so that WISE Employment can follow up and provide a full profile report should you want it.

Call 0417 217 234 or +61 3 9214 5360 or email gradwise.enquiries@wiseemployment.com.au or access-careers@swinburne.edu.au.

Neurodiverse students

Students diagnosed with autism and/or Aspergers can access specialised services and industry opportunities with neurodiverse-confident employers.

Contact access-careers@swinburne.edu.au for more details.

Further careers and employability resources

All Swinburne students and recent graduates can access an array of careers and employability resources on SwinEmploy. This is where you’ll find self-assessment tools, customized-learning resources, event information and all the latest job opportunities.  

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    AccessAbility services

    At Swinburne, we offer an inclusive and welcoming environment for people living with a disability, medical condition, mental illness or with primary carer responsibilities.

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    Student stories

    We pair you with a leading employer in your area of study, and you receive credit towards your degree, professional skills and a real-life overview of your potential future.

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    Future Work Skills unit

    Choose this elective unit to learn career building skills.