Our Digital Teaching Spaces are learning environments for the future, allowing Swinburne to create and deliver innovative forms of digitally-enabled learning experiences, including some blended learning capability.

Part of the next gen_campus transformation, Swinburne is upgrading vocational and higher education spaces to create the ultimate next gen_experience for students, leveraging our dual sector approach to support students wherever they are in their education journey.

Through this and our other next gen_campus projects, we demonstrate Swinburne’s promise to becoming the prototype of a new and different university, giving students better spaces to study and engage as they create and innovate for the future now.

Together, we are creating campuses for the future, where people and technology work together to build a better world.

Swinburne is committed to preparing our graduates for a new world of work, providing them with both the technical and human skills required to be successful

An artists' impression of a Digital Teaching Space

The future of learning

Each of our Digital Teaching Spaces will be equipped with the technology to deliver innovative, digitally-enabled learning experiences, including some blended learning capabilities.

The learning environments will feature a variety of fixed and flexible seating options, including tables, booths and benches. This flexibility in seating types will cater to different learning styles to ensure all our students are supported to acheive their best.

The Digital Teaching Spaces will have a custom-designed teacher’s station with a document camera and digital whiteboard.

Some learning environments will have multi-displays connected to a ViVi screen-sharing system, while some will be hyflex-enabled with Echo360 recording capability. Hyflex is an advanced form of blended learning where when students can choose to engage on campus or online, both during the live class or after the fact. Until now, Swinburne has not had hyflex capability, so our Digital Teaching Spaces will deliver an important leap forward for blended learning.

An artists' impression of a Digital Teaching Space

From design to construction

The Digital Teaching Spaces will be delivered in two stages. The first will include Digital Teaching Spaces at Hawthorn, on EN level 1 and 2, TB level 2, and TD level 3. This group of learniwng environments are expected to be completed during Semester 1, 2024. Training for educators will commence soon after.

Using the first stage spaces as prototypes, additional planning work will be undertaken to refine the concepts ahead of the next stage of learning environments to be delivered at Croydon, Wantirna and Hawthorn. Planning will include where the subsequent learning environments are located, as well as design and functionality to respond to the unique needs of our campuses. Construction is expected to begin after Semester 2, 2024 is completed. These spaces are expected to be ready for use in Semester 1, 2025.