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Find a study space at Swinburne's Hawthorn campus:

  • All study spaces have power, tables and good lighting.
  • The library has study space on every level including options to book a room or computer.
  • Empty classrooms may be used for study when not required for teaching.
  • Dedicated study desks, with power, are available in the foyers on all teaching floors in the following buildings: AMDC, BA, EN, TA, TB, TC, TD. 

You can see the real-time availability of spaces on the Swinburne App or by clicking the link below.

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Study space options

Location Mac PC
Library and Latelab 45 304
AMDC (Levels 3 and 4) 20 12
Location Seating
AD108 Student Common 50
AMDC Level 3 60
AMDC Level 4 39
ATC103 Common Room 100
ATC206 Common Room 100
Location Seating
Library 1312
AGSE Reading Room 15
AMDC Level 3, Room AMDC 302
AMDC Level 3, Room AMDC 303
AMDC Level 4, Room AMDC 401
AMDC Level 4, Room AMDC 402
Library (Levels 1 and 3)
Make a booking
How to make a booking

Book a room or computer at Hawthorn campus library

As a Swinburne student, you have access to a large number of group study rooms and computers on campus.

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Conditions of use 

  • You can make one booking at a time for a maximum of two hours.
  • Bookings can be made up to seven days in advance. 
  • Hawthorn library rooms are unlocked and located on levels one and three. 
  • AMDC rooms are also unlocked but will require an active ID card to gain entry. 
  • View the software list for Hawthorn computers with faculty-specific software. 
  • At the time of your booking, log onto the computer or go to the room.
  • Your room booking will be cancelled if you are more than 10 minutes late. 
  • Computers left unattended for more than 15 minutes will automatically log off. 
  • Save your files to a USB or to the cloud — any files saved on the computer will be deleted upon shutdown or logging off.

Gain 24-hour access to Latelab   

Explore the Latelab

Accessing the Latelab

Latelabs are computer labs at Hawthorn, Croydon and Wantirna, that give you extended access outside of library open hours, using your Swinburne ID card.

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Hawthorn’s fully refurbished Latelab is now open, with entrance via John Street. This will also give you access into the library during opening hours. Come and enjoy the new set up of PCs, print and copy areas, meeting rooms, casual seating and many collaboration spaces. You will also find our friendly Rover team on Level 1 waiting to help you. 

Your responsibilities 

  • Your Swinburne ID card is for your use only — do not bring others in and do not prop the door open or an alarm will sound. 
  • Respect other users by keeping noise to a minimum. 
  • Keep the Latelab clean and tidy by using the bins provided. 
  • Carry your Swinburne ID card with you — security staff may ask you to leave if you don’t have it on you.
  • Go home if you get tired — sleeping in the Latelab may compromise your personal safety.

How to access the 24-hour Latelabs 

  • You will have automatic access within 24 hours of obtaining your student ID card. 
  • After-hours access for Hawthorn is via John Street and for Wantirna and Croydon is via the Latelab doors. 
  • If you have any access difficulties using your student ID card, email

Opening hours 

  • The Hawthorn Latelab is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for some public holidays (Christmas and New Years) and for emergency maintenance. 
  • Croydon and Wantirna Latelab hours are open Monday to Friday, 7am–9.30pm (unless classes are booked during the day), Saturday  from 8am–6pm and are closed on Sunday.
  • Closures will be advertised on the library website

Need help? 

  • During normal opening hours, you can ask Library and studentHQ staff, our Liaison Librarians or Rovers on Level 1 at Hawthorn for assistance, or contact us. 
  • In an emergency, you can call Security on +61 3 9214 3333
  • There is an emergency phone in each Latelab for you to call Security.
  • Emergency procedures and floor plans are posted in the Latelab. Take notice of where your nearest emergency exit route will be.

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Need more information?

You can enquire or book a space by emailing or calling 1300 794 628.

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