Staff and eligible students may request material not held at Swinburne for the purpose of research and teaching at Swinburne. 

How to request an inter-library loan

Select the Inter-Library Loans link to access the form. Check the progress of your request under Requests.

Place a request

Who is eligible for an inter-library loan?

Your position at Swinburne Are you eligible?
Swinburne staff member Yes
PhD and professional doctorate  Yes
Masters by research  Yes
Masters by coursework (thesis preparation)  Authorisation required from thesis supervisor 
Graduate diploma, graduate certificate, honours  (thesis preparation)  Authorisation required from thesis supervisor 
Final year undergraduate (thesis preparation) 

Authorisation required from thesis supervisor

Note: Eligible staff or students with overdue loans or a CAVAL suspension cannot request an inter-library loan. If you are eligible but cannot login, contact

What can you request? 

  • All material not held at Swinburne or CAVAL libraries in Melbourne. 
  • Material owned by Swinburne, but missing. 
  • Material held only in electronic format at CAVAL libraries in Melbourne. 
  • Swinburne coursework students and staff can borrow books directly from CAVAL libraries through CAVAL membership.  
  • Print material held at CAVAL libraries in Melbourne will be obtained free of charge only for higher degree by research students and research staff. 
  • Requests must support or relate to current Swinburne research or teaching.

Note: Fees apply to obtain material unrelated to current Swinburne research or teaching.

How long does it take to supply? 

  • Most requests are supplied within two weeks. 
  • If you need an item urgently, you can add the ‘need by’ date to the Notes section of the request form.

Collection and delivery process 

  • Books
    Inter-library loans will email you when your item is ready to collect from your campus library. Bring your ID card and a copy of your email notification to collect it. Material that is restricted for use within the library will only be available from the service desk in exchange for your ID card. 

  • Photocopies
    If you provide your internal mail number, articles will be sent to your office. If you do not, you can collect your request(s) from your campus library. Bring your ID card and a copy of your email notification.

  • Electronic documents
    Some material is supplied to the library electronically. Formats and access conditions for these items vary and may include URLs and passwords. If the item you request is received electronically, we will advise you by email of the access requirements. 

Some material is not available electronically.

Loan periods and renewals 

Loan periods vary from two weeks to seven weeks. Renewals are granted at the discretion of the lending library. One renewal is usually permitted.

To request a loan renewal, email us or call +61 3 9214 8330.

Items with restricted use 

Other libraries reserve the right to place restrictions on material that they supply. Swinburne is bound by these restrictions. You may be required to use the item within Swinburne library, or sign a declaration that you have read it.


Australian copyright laws apply to all inter-library loans requests. When your request does not comply with copyright requirements, if possible, we will advise you of alternative options to access the information.

Loss of material 

If an item is lost or damaged, you must report this by emailing us. You will be responsible for all costs and charges associated with the replacement or repair of the item.

Need more information?

Ask us a question or leave us feedback by emailing or calling 1300 794 628. Alternatively, complete this form so our team members can get in touch with you. 

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