ICAP 2010
Trade exhibition
The conference will include a trade exhibition that provides an ideal platform for companies to gain exposure for their products and to interact with delegates. The exhibition booths will be co-located with poster sessions and coffee breaks to ensure maximum overlap between exhibitors and conference participants.

Exhibition booths will have approximate dimensions 3m x 3m and will come equipped with:

    •  Framelock walling system
    •  Fascia signs with vinyl text
    •  2 x 150 watt spotlights
    •  1 x 4 amp power

Furniture for the booths will be made available for hire.

Exhibitors will also receive

    •  2 complementary registrations
    •  2 x complementary dinner tickets
    •  1 piece of advertising material to add to the conference satchel
    •  Acknowledgement on the conference website

Companies interested in participating in the trade exhibition should contact
    A/Prof Robert Sang
    Griffith University
    Phone +61 7 373 53848
    Fax: +61 3735 4426
    E-mail: R.Sang@griffith.edu.au

The following companies will participate in the trade exhibition:


For further information please email