ICAP 2010
Reef trip
One of the great attraction of Cairns is close proximity of the Great Barrier Reef at this latitude. The Reef is the major tourist attraction of Cairns, and a reef trip is a highlight of any visit to Cairns.

Most popular reef trips take all day, and we are planning a reef trip for Saturday 31 July, at the end of the conference week. This will be done through one of the major reef trip operators, Great Adventures, who are offering a 10% discount to ICAP attendees who sign up for the trip in the link in this pdf file. Choose "Great Adventures - Great Barrier Reef Adventure" for the Product option on the booking form accessible via the link to join this trip.

Current prices (may change) and details of the trip which includes lunch and three hours at a pontoon moored at the Outer Reef are here. Payment is direct to Great Adventures on the day.

If enough people sign up, we will get our own boat for the day.


For further information please email