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Swinburne Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) is an innovation lab, bringing your out-of-the-box ideas closer to fruition. 

Working at the forefront of innovation with an interdisciplinary team of students, researchers, and industry experts, DFM creates the conditions for innovation to advance your projects and upskill your people.

  • Metaflora

    A Swinburne Design Factory Melbourne student team developed an innovative, data-backed plan to eradicate hospital food waste by 2030

  • A woman standing on a Wheebo on a calm body of water


    Swinburne Design Factory Melbourne students co-developed a new, fun, water-based experience: an omni-directional, jet-powered platform.

  • DFM-Stawell-Underground3

    Stawell Underground

    Swinburne Design Factory Melbourne students designed concepts for an immersive new visitor centre experience for Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory.

  • DFM-Farmsense1


    Swinburne Design Factory Melbourne students created an integrated technological concept providing localised weather data to remote farming communities.

  • DFM-Carelink1


    A smart mattress that detects and prevents incidents in aged care homes.

  • DFM-TOM_Untapped3

    Money & Me

    Swinburne Design Factory Melbourne students collaborated with TOM:Melbourne and Untapped Group to improve banking accessibility for neurodiverse people.

  • DFM-XS310-2

    The XS-310

    A lightweight manoeuvrable airtube sprayer for the French viniculture industry.

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