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Retail has long been a key driver of economic growth and an essential economic indicator due to its link to consumer sentiment and spending. Retail is considered one of the largest private employers, both directly and indirectly through generating business activity and jobs in many other supporting industry sectors. Retail also exhibits great diversity in size of business, region, retail format, competition, and products.

The retail industry has changed substantially in the last decade, largely due to advancements in technology, shifting consumer expectations and declining consumer loyalty. The industry has also become fiercely competitive and faces substantial pressure from foreign and online brands. But no change has been as dramatic or unprecedented than that resulting from the global Coronavirus Crisis.

For retailers, this meant much more than responding to health and Government advice and regulations, with many forced to operate in a very different manner to survive. Now in the process of rebooting and finding a path to the accelerated post-Coronavirus world, highly skilled and experienced retail leaders are critical for success.

This is why the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE) continues to offer the Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing program. While it has long helped retailers develop dynamic leaders and winning strategies to thrive in the global retail marketplace, the skills gained through undertaking this program have never been more important.

Who should attend

This course is designed for senior executives and directors in the retail sector who want to develop tactics and skills to thrive in today's global business environment. 


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Early bird (ends 30 April 2024): A$11,800 plus GST

Full registration: A$13,000 plus GST 


For more information about the program and developing new ideas, skills and strategies to thrive in the new world of retail, contact Kristy Horne on +61 3 9214 5961 or

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Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing provides a strategic look at the best methods to win in retail. Topics include:

  • developing a data-driven retail strategy 
  • driving financial and productivity performance 
  • strategic positioning and evolution 
  • customer experience and social media strategy 
  • applications of AI and big data in retail 
  • best practice case studies, exercise and application
Sample program structure
Day Topic
One The Eight Ways to Win in Retailing

Comprehensive Retailing Strategy

Financial and Productivity Analysis

Case Examples: Target Stores, Uniqlo, Whole Foods


Financial and Productivity Analysis Group Exercise

Master Matrix Group Exercise: Productivity by Department by Store 


Assortment Planning and Merchandise Management Exercise

Integrated Framework for Strategic Resource Management

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Begin Online Exercise


Marketing Research, Segmentation and Positioning

Case Examples: TJ Maxx, Meijer Hypermarkets, Sephora, Ulta Beauty


Strategic Transformation Case

Twenty-Two Tiny Retailing Tidbits

Case Examples: Best Buy, Amazon, Zara, H&M

In a highly collaborative and interactive setting, peers from across the retail industry and around the world share ideas, explore best practices and learn to:

  • think more strategically about business
  • become more data driven in building strategy, including financial modelling and productivity analysis
  • interpret consumer, competitive and market research insights effectively
  • develop and apply enhanced merchandising management and assortment strategies
  • manage strategic resources efficiently

Designed specifically for leaders across the retail sector, this program will help you learn to adapt to the continued changes in the retail sector – especially those that dramatically affect efficiency and profitability, including the growing tide of online retail transactions.

A diverse participant mix collaborates in an interactive setting, looking at best practices, sharing ideas, and exploring nuanced and broad-based approaches to effective leadership, management and planning.

In collaboration with the Customer Experience and Insight (CXI) Research Group, Swinburne's School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship (SoBLE) programs are led by highly-regarded researchers and educators who are both thought leaders and pragmatic practitioners.

With a focus on real-world business challenges, SoBLE's suite of executive education programs develop participants through instruction, collaboration and peer interaction.

Lawrence J. Ring

Lawrence is Chancellor Professor of Business and the Executive MBA Alumni professor of Executive Education at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary. His teaching and research interests focus on marketing management, and marketing and retailing strategy. In 1983, he co-founded the successful long running executive education program Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing. He has served on the boards of directors of five publicly-held retail companies.

Ronald L. Hess

Ronald is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary. He currently teaches Customer Experience Management and the Business-to-Business Marketing Career Acceleration Module (CAM) in the William & Mary MBA Program. His expertise involves managing the in-store and digital retail experience, improving customer satisfaction and improving customer profitability and customer lifetime value. Hess has also taught the Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing program for about 10 years, and has worked with many retailers in Australia, U.S., South America, Europe and Asia.

John S. Strong

John is the CSX Professor of Finance and Economics at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary (USA). He received his master degree and PhD from Harvard, where he also has taught. Strong, focuses on financial analysis of retailing, especially in the areas of productivity analysis, project evaluation, acquisition valuation, the retail credit industry, and merchandise performance. He has taught the Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing program for almost two decades, and has worked with numerous retailers across Australia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing
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Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing

Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing provides a strategic look at the best methods to win in the highly competitive retail sector.

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