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While Employee Experience (EX) may have historically taken a backseat to other business objectives, it has gained traction as a crucial element for organisational success. With economic challenges, technological advancements and shifting workforce expectations – especially in today's complex operating landscape – the spotlight on EX has never been brighter. Mirroring the elevated status of Customer Experience (CX), EX has quickly emerged as a strategic priority. 

Many business leaders, although well-versed in the significance of CX, often overlook the interconnected dimensions of EX. It's more than just an annual feedback survey or team-building exercises; EX is a sophisticated blend of art and science that permeates every aspect of an organisation. Depending on a company's maturity in EX initiatives, an emphasis on EX may call for transformative shifts in internal communications, culture and operational practices.

The outcomes of a strong EX strategy are clear and compelling. Companies that excel in this area often report increased employee engagement, reduced turnover, and subtly, characteristics that contribute to enhanced customer interactions. Much like CX, effective EX involves a coordinated effort that spans a range of employee touchpoints – from recruitment and onboarding to professional development and wellbeing.

This new program, part of a comprehensive three-part series, is offered by the Customer Experience and Insight (CXI) Research Group and Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship in the School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University of Technology. It provides attendees with the necessary tools, strategies and insights to excel in EX.

Designed to be either a stand-alone learning experience or as part of the broader series that also covers CX and the symbiotic relationship between CX and EX, this program aims to enrich workplace culture and become a foundational element for achieving wider business success.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for:

  • mid-level managers and executives across various sectors, including healthcare, technology and service industry where employee wellbeing directly impacts client satisfaction 
  • human resources, internal communications and workplace culture leaders
  • managers and personnel tasked with driving EX initiatives 
  • team leads responsible for day-to-day operations and staff interactions 
  • small business owners eager to strengthen their understanding of EX and its indirect effects on customer relationships


Swinburne University of Technology

Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship Building

Corner of Wakefield and William Streets, Hawthorn VIC 


The Experience Excellence suite consists of three one-day programs.

  • one day – A$895 plus GST (per person)
  • two days – A$1,700 plus GST (per person)
  • three days – A$2,450 plus GST (per person)


For registration enquiries, contact Kristy Horne on +61 3 9214 5961 or

To register, complete the registration form [PDF 949KB].

EX Design, Delivery and Diagnosis offers a comprehensive and strategic framework for establishing an employee-centric culture that can set your organisation apart. The program will delve into various areas including:

  • EX fundamentals: core priorities and principles
  • Employee personas and segments
  • EX journey mapping and analysis
  • EX measurement and improvement
  • Best practice case studies and next practice trends
  • Practical applications and insights on how enhancing EX can not only boost employee engagement, but also deliver tangible business benefits

Geared towards mid-level managers and experts in the field, this program aims to cultivate a deep, actionable understanding EX through its design, implementation and evaluation stages.

Utilising an array of teaching methods – interactive dialogues, experiential activities and real-world case studies – participants will find themselves in a dynamic educational environment.

A diverse mix of attendees enhances this setting, encouraging the sharing of insights and firsthand experiences, as well as the exploration and application of proven frameworks and up-and-coming trends in EX.

David Ginsberg

David is a highly credentialed and well-regarded business and retail expert and has a diverse background comprising of over 30 years in senior management and advisory roles for multinational organisations.

With a formidable customer-centric focus, David has led organisational and experiential change at 7-Eleven Hong Kong & Australia, Shell Asia Pacific & The Middle East, Dairy Farm International Hong Kong, Macro Wholefoods, Franklin's Supermarkets, BP Australia, The Warehouse New Zealand, Westfield, Metcash, CSR, Dulux, Treasury Wine Estates, Swisse, Sanofi, Coles, Woolworths, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (Priceline) and United Fuel.

Possessing a strong communication, public speaking and educational repertoire, David is an Adjunct Industry Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology where he teaches industry-engaged courses to postgraduate and executive students. David is also an Associate at Melbourne Business School, a lecturer at RMIT, and has worked at Monash Business School as a Program Director at the Australian Centre for Retail Studies.

Employee Experience (EX) Design, Delivery and Diagnosis
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Employee Experience (EX) Design, Delivery and Diagnosis

EX Design, Delivery, and Diagnosis offers a comprehensive and strategic framework for establishing an employee-centric culture that can set your organisation apart.

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