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While Customer Experience (CX) remains a cornerstone in building engagement and loyalty, its symbiotic relationship with Employee Experience (EX) is an untapped reservoir of strategic potential. Both dimensions serve as tactical imperatives for contemporary businesses, weaving into a tapestry of interrelated touchpoints that span from internal workflows to external customer relations. Although organisations have channelled significant effort into individual excellence in CX and EX, the true frontier of competitiveness lies in their seamless integration.

This ground-breaking program, the third and final instalment in a strategic three-part series, moves beyond traditional boundaries to focus on the interplay between CX and EX. Offered by the Customer Experience and Insight (CXI) Research Group and Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship in the School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University of Technology, the curriculum leverages the service blueprinting framework to dissect, visualise and re-engineer the intricate web that connects employee and customer actions, highlighting potential areas of tension and misalignment.

Much like CX, effective integration of CX and EX is not a one-off initiative but a perpetual process of refinement. Success in this area may require a fundamental shift in a company’s culture, communications or operational strategies. However, the return on this investment is evident, culminating in enhanced customer satisfaction and employee engagement, both feeding into optimised business performance.

This program is meticulously crafted to navigate participants through the labyrinth of CX and EX integration, equipping them with the intellectual framework and hands-on tools to construct a unified and responsive experience ecosystem. While beneficial as a standalone learning module, it serves as a capstone when undertaken as part of the entire series, offering holistic mastery over the contemporary landscape of customer and employee experience.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for:

  • strategic leaders and middle managers from sectors like retail, finance and customer service, where aligning employee and customer experiences is crucial for success 
  • human resources and customer experience executives looking to synchronise internal and external engagement strategies 
  • operational managers charged with overseeing both employee activities and customer interactions 
  • brand and marketing professionals keen on integrating a cohesive experience strategy 
  • entrepreneurs and business owners interested in leveraging the benefits generated between EX and CX for a competitive edge


Swinburne University of Technology

Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship Building

Corner of Wakefield and William Streets, Hawthorn VIC 


The Experience Excellence suite consists of three one-day programs.

  • one day – A$895 plus GST (per person)
  • two days – A$1,700 plus GST (per person)
  • three days – A$2,450 plus GST (per person)


For more information about the program and developing new ideas, skills, and strategies to thrive in a new world of business and employee centricity, please contact Kristy Horne on +61 3 9214 5961 or

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Integrating CX and EX provides a multi-dimensional framework for synchronising customer and employee experiences as a cohesive strategy. This culminating program in our three-part series will explore areas such as:

  • aligning customer and employee journeys 
  • service design and blueprinting fundamentals
  • tailoring service design and innovation
  • CX and EX measurement and improvement 
  • practical applications on how integrating CX and EX enhances operational efficiency, drives engagement and fosters long-term relationships with customers and employees
  • best practice case studies and next practice trends

Aimed at mid-level managers and specialists, this program is meticulously crafted to impart practical knowledge in the symbiotic relationship between CX and EX. Utilising service blueprinting methodology, the course includes interactive dialogues, practical exercises and case studies to provide a well-rounded educational experience.

This rich learning environment is further amplified by a diverse range of participants, each bringing their own expertise and insights into the conversation. Together, attendees will explore frameworks for seamlessly integrating CX and EX to create enduring value for stakeholders and foster long-term organisational success.

David Ginsberg

David is a highly credentialed and well-regarded business and retail expert and has a diverse background comprising of over 30 years in senior management and advisory roles for multinational organisations.

With a formidable customer-centric focus, David has led organisational and experiential change at 7-Eleven Hong Kong & Australia, Shell Asia Pacific & The Middle East, Dairy Farm International Hong Kong, Macro Wholefoods, Franklin's Supermarkets, BP Australia, The Warehouse New Zealand, Westfield, Metcash, CSR, Dulux, Treasury Wine Estates, Swisse, Sanofi, Coles, Woolworths, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (Priceline) and United Fuel.

Possessing a strong communication, public speaking and educational repertoire, David is an Adjunct Industry Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology where he teaches industry-engaged courses to postgraduate and executive students. David is also an Associate at Melbourne Business School, a lecturer at RMIT, and has worked at Monash Business School as a Program Director at the Australian Centre for Retail Studies.

The Sweet Spot: Integrating CX and EX
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The Sweet Spot: Integrating CX and EX

Integrating CX and EX provides a multi-dimensional framework for customer and employee experiences as a cohesive strategy.

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