What is a certificate?

A TAFE certificate is great for accessing hands-on, practical work in areas that require more than basic or entry-level knowledge. The difference between certificate- and diploma-level study can be the duration of study, extended specialised knowledge and further study opportunities.

Higher-level certificates are also perfect for professionals who are already working, or looking to expand their career.

Certificates I and II

Certificate I and II courses give you the basic training and skills in a specific industry with one goal in mind — to get you started in the workplace. Many Certificate I and II courses are also pre-apprenticeships.

Certificates III and IV

Certificates III and IV can be apprenticeshipstraineeships or simply courses that prepare you for other jobs requiring more than basic skills and knowledge.

Are you looking looking for information on graduate certificates?

Although a graduate certificate (Grad Cert) sounds similar to a certificate, they are different. You can only study a graduate certificate if you have previously studied a bachelor degree or have relevant work experience. Head over to our Master Degree page for more information if this sounds like you. 

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