We recognise and acknowledge the importance of the skills and experience obtained in the workplace. If you have on-the-job experience or workforce training, you may be eligible to convert work experience to academic credit, bringing you closer to a qualification than you think.

Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL recognises skills and knowledge gained through work experience, life experience and/or formal training. The RPL process measures your work experience against the course in which you are enrolled, meaning you may be able to start your course with advanced standing and complete it in a shorter amount of time.

Before you apply for RPL assessment, ask yourself:

  • What informal or on-the-job training have I done that might be relevant?
  • What activities have I done at work or in social or community-based circumstances?
  • How recently did I learn and/or use my skills?
  • How can I prove I can perform these skills, or possess this knowledge?
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