20,000 homeschooled students across Australia

There are around 20,000 homeschooled students across Australia and according to the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) report, around 5,500 students were homeschooled in Victoria in 2018. This number of homeschooled students is set to rise, with parents or guardians choosing to homeschool students for a variety of reasons, such as geographical restrictions, religious beliefs, special educational needs or philosophical beliefs.

Is homeschooling the same as distance education?

Homeschooling and distance education may sound similar, but they are different. Homeschooling is conducted by a parent or legal guardian (regardless of educational background). A plan must be submitted to the state or territory and this plan must align with the national curriculum. Homeschooling is typically more flexible, with parents deciding on their own program.
If a more structured and school-like experienced is desired, parents can choose distance education. Distance education is delivered online by a teacher and is typically taught to a group of children. When the work is complete, it is sent to the distance education provider and the next section of work is sent.

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