If you’re eligible for a refund, any outstanding fines, debts or administration fees will be deducted from your refund. Please refer to the 'Payment of Refunds' section of the 'Terms and Conditions' in your Offer Acceptance form. 

Refund reasons

The table below shows situations in which a refund may be justified and the documents required to support your application.

Can I be issued a refund in special circumstances?

If you have special circumstances that are not covered in the table and you feel you have grounds for a refund, we encourage you to meet with an International Student Adviser to discuss your options. 

If you submit a refund application and outline that your circumstances have changed after the unit’s census date and before the end of the unit’s teaching period, your application will be considered with the supporting documentation you provide. 

If a refund is approved in this situation, the monies paid will be held as credit in your Swinburne student account for use toward your future tuition fees. Please consult with an International Student Adviser to discuss if you need these funds earlier, such as in an emergency situation.

Situations that may justify a refund

Reason Required documents
Your student visa was rejected/cancelled Copy of letter(s) from the Australian Embassy/High Commission/Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) verifying the cancellation or rejection of your visa
You did not meet the condition(s) of your offer Evidence (results) of the conditions not met
Note: An administrative fee applies if proof is not submitted
You have officially declined your offer Copy of Swinburne receipt(s) and supporting documents (if required)
You have been officially withdrawn from a course Confirmation of withdrawal in writing from Swinburne
You have officially been granted a Leave of Absence from your studies Confirmation of approved Leave of Absence in writing from Swinburne
You have overpaid your student contribution/course fees Proof of payment and details of the refund amount requested
Your visa status has changed (e.g. you have been granted Permanent Residency before the census date) Copy of your passport and an official copy of your Permanent Residency Visa
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) (offshore only) Copy of OSHC receipt from OSHC and a copy of the Swinburne receipt showing OSHC payment
You are an offshore student and did not receive a student visa and have only paid OSHC Copy of letter(s) from the Australian Embassy/High Commission verifying the rejection of your visa, plus evidence of OSHC payment or copy of your OSHC certificate

How to apply for a refund 

Do not submit an application without supporting documentation. All documents to support your refund application must be originals or certified copies.

Can I be issued a refund after the census date?

You may be eligible for a post-census refund due to special circumstances. Find out more information on how to apply, when to apply and what happens after your application is sent. 

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