Step 1: Enrol in your units

Before you can choose your classes, you need to enrol in the units you wish to study. Not enrolled? Click the button below. If you’ve already enrolled, continue to step 2.

How to enrol

Step 2: See when classes are on 

Check the timetable planner to see the class times that are available for each unit that you're studying.

Plan which classes you would like to attend for each unit, and make sure you don't have any clashes in your timetable.

A 'class' can be a lecture, a tutorial, a lab class, or another activity you need to attend as part of a unit.

2021 Timetable planner

Step 3: Register into classes and view your timetable

Go to My Class Timetable to register into the classes you have chosen and view your personal class timetable.

You can register into your classes one by one and make changes to your schedule as you go.

If you prefer, you can automatically register into all your classes in one step by selecting 'Register into clash-free classes'.

Please note, for students studying Vocational Education, UniLink and Foundation courses, your class timetable will be allocated after you enrol, and will appear in My Class Timetable within 72 hours of choosing your units.

My class timetable
Want to know when your classes start?

View key timetable dates for 2021 to find out more information on important dates for undergraduate and postgraduate, vocational education, UniLink and Foundation Year.

Timetable troubleshooting

If the classes you have chosen are clashing, you will need to change one of them. Go to My class timetable and swap into a different class.

If there are no other class times available and you can't avoid a clash, you will need to change one of the units you're enrolled in.

Check your course planner to choose another unit.

If you're having trouble registering into a class, it usually means the class is full.

New places become available in full classes from time to time. If you're keen on a certain class time, check My Class Timetable every now and then to see if a new place has opened up.

Having timetable trouble?

If you’re having trouble with your timetable and need help, contact the friendly team at studentHQ on 1300 794 628 or by visiting them on your campus. Need help with using My Class Timetable? Search our FAQs or download the My Class Timetable help guide. 

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