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You can search for units by name or code to check availability for online study.

When enrolling in our online units, you can also choose from units by Swinburne Online as well as Open Universities Australia

How to enrol in an online unit

To enrol in an online unit, select 'Online or Electronic’ delivery mode from the unit’s drop-down menu on your study plan.

Make sure you pay close attention to the teaching periods available for each online unit and when your online unit is running, as online units have different start dates compared to on-campus units.

Learn more about how to enrol

You need to read the course planner for your course to ensure you enrol in the correct units.

Course planners contain information about:

  • the core units and other units that make up your course

  • the number of units you need to complete your course

  • the recommended study sequence to meet course requirements.

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To avoid academic and financial penalties, make sure that you enrol or make changes to your enrolment by the correct cut-off dates

Are you an international student?

As of January 1 2018, you can only complete a maximum of one-third of your course online. If you exceed this limit, we will remove you from any online units until you meet this requirement.

Remember, you must always maintain a full-time study load across the year and in each compulsory study period for a course, you must be studying at least one unit that is not by distance or online learning.

Need help with enrolling?

If you need help with how to enrol in an individual unit as a new Swinburne student, you can submit a question online to our support team. 

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