Partner university offshore PhD program

As a student, you’ll be jointly supervised by Swinburne and a nominated approved university.

You will have access to the same supervisory support and research training as an onshore student and will spend time in Australia as part of the program.

If successful, you’ll receive a single doctoral degree from Swinburne.

For more information on offshore PhD programs, entry requirements, and to apply, please contact:

Professor Georgina Kelly
Dean, Graduate Research
+61 3 9214 5975

Need help applying for an offshore PhD program?

If you need help applying for an offshore PhD program, or any other research degree here at Swinburne, contact our team between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. You may also want to check the entry requirements for research degrees to make sure you satisfy the requirements for your chosen degree.

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Want to apply for an offshore PhD program?

Our offshore PhD programs offer you an incredible opportunity to enrol in a Swinburne PhD if you’re based predominantly overseas. Ready to apply? Click below to begin the application process. 

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