Learn hands-on innovative approaches to entrepreneurship with the Diploma of Leadership and Management. Be inspired to communicate with influence, drive leadership and boost performance. This fast tracked course is tailored to working professionals so you can quickly apply your skills to a professional business environment to make an impact.

This is a nationally approved vocational course that is recognised throughout Australia.

  • Nationally recognised training
    Nationally recognised training
My preference is success

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Skills you’ll learn

  • Change management
  • Financial
  • Customer service
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Innovation and critical thinking
  • Effective communication

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about your own strengths and develop strategies to resolve your weaknesses
  • Manage your staffs' performance, provide performance feedback, and handle difficult conversations
  • Understand and provide high quality, responsive customer service
  • Gain practical project management skills
  • Develop skills to lead and manage individuals and teams
  • Understand financial information and terminology and the budgeting
  • Design and implement continuous improvement processes

Your career opportunities

  • Manager
  • Team leader

Location options

Why Swinburne?

Delivered by facilitators who are industry experts

Participant course training manual

Live Online delivery allows you to do the course from anywhere

Access to our team of Customer Development Advisors

Live Online Delivery

Our Live Online delivery

Our Live Online delivery is a dynamic, engaging and interactive way to learn remotely. It’s just like face-to-face but with the added benefits of digital technology. Your facilitator will present in real-time, and you will be able to participate in group discussions and collaborate on exercises and group activities using our interactive platforms.


Applicants should have at least three years of full time work experience and be working in a team leader, supervisor or management role or are building towards a career in management.

Credit transfer

Credit is granted in recognition of previous study and allows students to gain advanced standing towards their course. Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows students to gain credit (advanced standing) towards their course in recognition of skills and knowledge gained through work experience, life experience and/or formal training. Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Finding your fit

At Swinburne, we recognise that not one size fits all. If this course doesn’t meet all your study criteria, check out these alternatives.

Course structure

The Diploma of Leadership and Management course is delivered in workshop clusters. Clusters can be completed in any order.

Participants are to complete 12 Units of competency delivered across six clusters.

Course outline
Download this document as a quick outline of the course that can be printed and presented to your employer.

Your units

Units of study Unit code
Elective units
Manage personal and professional development
Elective unit
Units of study Unit code
Core units
Manage business operational plans
Core unit
Elective units
Undertake project work
Elective unit
Facilitate change
Elective unit
Units of study Unit code
Core units
Develop and use emotional intelligence
Core unit
Units of study Unit code
Core units
Develop critical thinking in others
Core unit
Elective units
Establish innovative work environments
Elective unit
Units of study Unit code
Core units
Manage team effectiveness
Core unit
Elective units
Manage people performance
Elective unit
Lead difficult conversations
Elective unit
Units of study Unit code
Core units
Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
Core unit
Communicate with influence
Core unit

Course delivery

Live Online

Live online delivery is just like face-to-face but with the added benefits of digital technology. Your facilitator will present in real time, and you will be able to participate in group discussions and collaborate on exercises and group activities using our interactive platforms.


Students will be given six weeks from the final day of their learning workshop to complete and submit their assessment(s) for each cluster online via Swinburne's learning management system, Canvas.

Assessor Guidance Session

Each unit of the program embeds a personalised guidance session tailored to the learner’s needs. This key checkpoint in the blended framework provides the opportunity to clarify understanding, ask questions, and ensures learners are on track for successful course completion.

Workplace delivery

This course (or units from it) can be tailored to industry delivery within the workplace for groups of eight or more students. Students may enrol in the course at any stage during the year. Students have the chance to select from a range of dates for elective units to determine the duration of their course.

2023 fees

Full fee* ($AUD)


Skills first government-subsidised place* ($AUD)


2024 fees

Fees are estimates only

Fees published on this page are estimates only and are subject to change depending on individual circumstances at the time of enrolment. The above fees apply for units studied in 2023 only and may change for units studied in future years. There may be additional costs related to learning material and equipment.

Fees are estimates only

The indicative course fees shown apply to international students for the relevant year only. They are based on a standard study load per year. However, please note that fees are assessed according to a student's study load in each semester, and variation to study load will result in an adjustment to tuition fees. All fees are subject to annual review and may be adjusted.

Skills first government-subsidised place

To qualify for a government-subsidised place, you must meet various eligibility criteria. The course you’ve applied for must also be offering government-subsidised places. Swinburne will determine your eligibility by conducting a full assessment of your eligibility during the course application process.

How do I pay my fees?

You can pay your Swinburne fees in person, via credit card, BPAY, or at Australia Post. Check to see if loans and employer sponsored training are also available.

International students need to pay tuition fees up-front by the relevant due date. You can find the due dates on your Statement of Account.

To pay your fees:

  • log in to My Financials
  • check your Australian bank account details are correct 
  • check your Statement of Account to see how much you owe 
  • pay using your preferred payment method.

Eligibility for VET student loans (VSL)

If you apply for a VET Student Loan, Swinburne must first verify your identity. If you are eligible, we will provide your enrolment information to the government so you can complete the application within their eCAF system.

The VET Student Loan amount for this course is capped. You must start repaying this loan once you earn above the compulsory repayment threshold.

Employer sponsored training

Many organisations are more than willing to help employees build on their skills and knowledge through professional development opportunities. In some circumstances, employers may be able to assist you in your professional development by sponsoring all or part of your fees.

Register your interest

To register your interest and request an application form you can submit our online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 633 560, or email us at edge@swinburne.edu.au with the relevant information.

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Start dates

The dates shown indicate when the Professional development cluster commences. Students are eligible to commence this course during one of the other clusters if desired. Please see timetables further down for more information on all cluster dates. 

Start dates
Start dates
Start dates
Last date to apply
Start dates

Course timetables

2024 Diploma of Leadership and Management
Download this schedule planner as part of your registration.
2023 Diploma of Leadership and Management
Download this schedule planner as part of your registration.
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  • “I learnt so much from completing the Diploma of Leadership and Management. I have now been promoted twice and am in a national account manager role.” 

    Brooke , Diploma of Leadership and Management