Learn the skills to integrate Design Thinking in your work and fuel a culture for innovation in your business.

This short course introduces you to the principles of Design Thinking. It equips you with knowledge and tools for problem identification and solution development through evidence-based Design Thinking methodology and how to apply it in your work. This will enable you to create more user-centric solutions and to understand how diversity of thought adds value to your business.

By doing this course you will gain skills on unpacking and reframing challenges, creativity techniques, empathise with the user and solution development through prototyping and testing.

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Who should attend

This course is intended for working professionals looking to increase their skills and knowledge on design thinking and its applications in different work environments.

Skills you’ll learn

  • Understanding of Design Thinking principles
  • Problem identification and solution development
  • Prototyping skills
  • Application of Design Thinking

Learning outcomes

  • Unpack challenges and reframe them to drive relevant solutions
  • Explore tools to understand users and their needs
  • Use different tools to generate ideas
  • Make simple prototypes to describe your thoughts more effectively
  • Create simple user tests to gain feedback and improve your solution thinking

Why Swinburne?

Delivered by facilitators who are industry experts

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Live Online delivery allows you to do the course from anywhere

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