Jemma Soklev

Director of Continuing Professional Education and Operations

Jemma and her team create fast and flexible professional learning programs at Swinburne Edge. Her remit focusses on creating future ready professionals who can embrace the challenges that come with the future world of work and unlock the potential of Australian organisations.

Suj Pillai

Manager, Continuing Professional Education

Suj is a seasoned professional in the education space with numerous years of experience in leadership roles. His team's focus is providing expert advice for Swinburne Edge development options and overseeing prospective student enquiries. They collaborate with stakeholders to achieve exceptional student experiences. Suj is also passionate about outcome-focused training so organisations can evolve in a dynamic environment.

Dr Justin Shimeld

Manager, Learning Engagement

Justin manages the processes, quality, and integration of university systems for Swinburne Edge to enable and streamline program operations for students, staff, and facilitators. Justin has worked in the education sector for 12 years, spanning projects in research, secondary and tertiary education.

Gurchet Singh

Manager, Compliance

Gurchet has worked as a facilitator, coach, lead assessor, and learning and compliance manager. He is an expert trainer and mentor with excellent organisational and project management skills. In his current role, he provides professional support and guidance across both consulting and public programs for Swinburne Edge.

Anoush Hovivyan

Manager, Operations (Shared Services)

Anoush is a highly dedicated professional with over 15 years’ experience in corporate education, working for both private RTOs and higher education. Her expertise lies in learning administration, RTO administration, account management, consultant management, client experience, and facilitator management. 

Narelle Caulfield

Manager Projects and Proposals

Narelle is a tender, grants and projects specialist with more than 15 years’ experience in leading multi-faceted teams across both education and employment sectors. She leads a project management team to achieve strategic objectives and deliver a diverse project portfolio on scope and budget. Narelle has worked collaboratively with stakeholders to successfully lead multi-million dollar tenders and grants, including joint initiatives with our many industry partners.

Amanda Megarrell

Manager Learning Design

Amanda is an education technology and vocational education specialist with over 25 years in the education sector. Her diverse career has seen her manage the development of a variety of learning and workforce skilling projects within the corporate and government sectors. She has an eye for detail and is heavily focused on quality outputs. Amanda is responsible for managing a multi-functional team of instructional designers and digital designers across a diverse project portfolio.

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