Is your organisation looking for some fresh eyes, new insights and perspectives? We now offer opportunities for businesses, start-ups, community services, charities and other organisations to take on groups of students to help solve industry problems. 

Your group will be made up of students from different faculties, chosen and mentored by an academic to invent a practical solution to your issue. 

These students will collaborate with you over a semester, as though they were already working in the professional world. 

Past projects have addressed stagnation in revenue, retention of talent, improving productivity, developing a business plan, targeting a new market and developing new products.

Some of our recent partners include;

  • Design Bureau

    The Design Bureau is a student-led design studio. The bureau works together with clients who care about social good, ranging from start-ups to research institutes. They undertake a rigorous and collaborative design process that involves listening, research, strategy, conceptual development and design development. Students are dedicated, inspired designers who care about solving design and communication challenges.

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Talk to us about a project you think might suit. We’ll work with you to develop something suitable for our assessment requirements.

School of Health Sciences

Monica Thielking, Chair, Department of Psychological Sciences

Jason Howitt, Chair, Department of Health Sciences and Biostatistics

Roger Hughes, Chair, Department of Nursing and Allied Health

School of Social Sciences, Media, Film and Education

Mark Freeman, Chair, Department of Film, Games and Animation

Therese Davis, Chair, Department of Media and Communication

Ruth Abbey, Chair, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Susie Gravis, Chair, Department of Education

School of Design and Architecture

Andrew Haig, Chair, Department of Communication Design

Gianni Renda, Chair, Department of Architectural and Industrial Design

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