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Our Summer 2021 Science Workshops will be running from Monday to Friday 18-22 January 2021 and will be filled with interactive hands-on home science for your students. Due to the continuing COVID-19 safety measures, PrimeSCI! will still be providing live-streamed Zoom workshops for the Summer School Holidays.

Due to the continuing COVID-19 safety measures, PrimeSCI! will still be providing live-streamed Zoom workshops for the Summer School Holidays.

The live workshops are scheduled to run for a minimum of 40 minutes and include exciting demonstrations, hands-on activities to follow at home, interactive polls, and the opportunity to post science questions to be answered by our PrimeSCI! presenters. Some of the new and exciting topics to participate in include Toys in MotionClouds and the human body lessons Digestive System and Breathing & Circulation

PrimeSCI! will be joined again by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav) for a session on the Virtual Universe and Black Holes (Grades 3-6), where you can take a trip out into the solar system with a virtual reality app for your smartphone.

Families will need one device to run Zoom for our online workshop, and one smartphone, tablet or iPad to run the free SciVR app. Please check that the SciVR app works on your device by downloading, opening and moving the device around to see a 360-degree view.

Please note: Children’s privacy and internet safety is important to us. Children will only be able to view our presenters, and not any other participants.

Enrolment fee: $10.50 per family (including Trybooking fee).

Capacity: Maximum 80 registrations per webinar session.

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Follow food along your digestive tract, and learn about how we taste, digest, and move food along our gut. Make poo to help understand digestive processes and why it is important to eat enough vegetables. See a real animal tongue, stomach and intestines. 

Presenters: Lydia and Heather

Explore inhalation and exhalation and investigate your own lung capacity. See this spongy organ up close and watch it inflate! Learn about how the heart works non-stop and study a dissected lamb heart. This session links together the movement of gases in and out of our bodies with their transportation through our blood.

Presenters: Lydia and Heather

Forces come alive as you learn to see and describe the different pushes and pulls at work in everyday items and your favourite toys. Experience for yourself how forces possess direction, magnitude, and have opposites and extend this understanding to everyday situations. Using toys, the session features common forces like friction, gravity, torque and tension.

Presenters: Chris and Sally

Look out your window and learn to recognise cloud types. Is that a cirrus or a cumulonimbus? Investigate evaporation and condensation as you link the water cycle with changes of state.

Presenters: Heather and Lydia

Take a trip out into the solar system with a virtual reality app for your smartphone. Learn about planets, stars and gravitational waves, but don't get too close to a black hole or it might turn you into spaghetti. 

Presenter: Lisa, OzGrav

Science Time

Science Time

PrimeSCI Workshop

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School holiday workshops are held at the locations below.

KIOSC Discovery Centre

Swinburne University of Technology (Wantirna campus
Building WK 
369 Stud Road, Wantirna

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Australian Synchrotron

800 Blackburn Road, Clayton

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