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PrimeSCI! can now provide science lessons to classrooms on site or online in Term 1 2021.

PrimeSCI! Online Learning 2020

Virtual science lessons

Explore forces and motion through the properties of toys.  Learn the concepts of push, pull, friction and gravity through familiar experiences and observations.

Help the Three Little Piggies choose better building materials! Become a Material Scientist to learn about the different properties of ordinary and amazing materials. What happens when we change the shape of materials?

This delightful hands-on session will draw children into the world of chemistry and engineering as they explore the phenomena of dissolving, crystallisation, and make colourful discoveries with materials sourced from around the house.

Explore how planet Earth’s temperature, atmosphere and water cycle make it ideal for supporting life. Make your own planet in a cup and watch it transform at home!

This activity-filled and noisy session is designed to help children discover for themselves the fundamentals of sound and light as they manipulate these two energies.

Our lives are changing because of something we cannot see - but the unseen have always been around, and we have found ways of living with them on our amazing planet. Explore the incredible world of microbes (and viruses), the impact they have on our everyday life, and understand why we must do the things we are asked to do now, to protect ourselves and one another.

It's time to dust off your fidget spinners and yo-yos or make your own, pre-session! This fast-paced session will frame student understanding of forces and how they interact. Learn the role of gravity, friction and magnetism in making objects move faster than the speed of sound.

Solids, liquids and gases, and we introduce two other states of matter! Enter the world of atoms and molecules and find out more about the world we live in.

Big ideas like conduction, convection and radiation are learnt through play as children uncover the heat in everyday things like keeping doors closed, wearing jumpers and hot air balloons.

Explore the world of plastics and go beyond looking at plastics as just waste materials that can be recycled. Make your own slime, shrink some plastic and discover more about these useful materials.

Using both hands-on paper activities and virtual reality exploration, students will observe and learn about the many differences and similarities amongst the planets of our solar system!

Using both hands-on activities and virtual reality exploration, students will explore the properties of stars in our universe, starting at our Sun and traveling beyond our solar system to learn about stars of all varieties.

Discover the hidden life in our creeks and rivers. Learn about the impact from humans and the simple things we can all do to keep freshwater habitats healthy. Presented by the Healthy Rivers, Healthy Bay Team.  Book online.

Term 1 2021 Science Incursion flyer

Term 1 2021 Science Incursion flyer

PrimeSCI!'s live-streamed hands-on science workshops for primary school-aged children program.

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