We offer a range of on-campus and in-school workshops to get Year 9-12 students enthusiastic about chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology and environmental science.

Here are some of the many topics on offer: 

The science behind the tricks and deceptions in marketing

Supermarket shelves are full of claims such as no added cholesterol, made from vegetable oil, contains no chemicals etc. But do these statements have real meaning or are they just ploys to get us to buy their products? This presentation looks at the science behind such claims. 

When good chemicals go bad

The environmental movement started decades ago when Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring highlighted the hidden danger of chemicals in the environment. Using this book at springboard, this presentation highlights our current understanding of chemicals in the modern-day environment. 

Chemistry in action

Chemistry is full of visually stimulating spectacles that can amaze everyone, from young children to chemistry veterans. This presentation gives students the opportunity to see some of these experiments performed, along with a discussion of the science behind them and the value of the chemistry involved.

Investigative chemistry

In this interactive workshop, students put on safety gear to get hands-on experience in the lab. They use qualitative testing techniques and chemical instrumentation to discover how we learn more about the world around us.

A group of science students are working around a table in a laboratory.

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